1st October 2003
Love the website and look forward to the catalogues as well...let's get you over to the US!!
Kathleen and Neil, USA

14th May 2003
Fantastic site. Image quality is first class and does justice to the paintings. You will have more hits than the Beatles! Now, where can we find the screensavers and the special edition Gordon Mitchell single malts collection....?!
Ed Smith

8th May 2003
“This place is a work of art ! Your site is comprehensive, uncommonly quick and btw, the layout and colour reproduction are exceptional. Way to go. Now, where do I sign?”
Greame Jamieson , Edinburgh, UK

4th May 2003
“Your paintings are sensational! I regret that I live half way around the globe in Los Angeles, California so I can't attend your gallery show. I'm sure it was a huge success. Good luck with your website. I will check back often.”
Gordon Mitchell, Los Angeles, USA [gordonmitchell.net]

30th April 2003
“Gordon. Love the website.”
James MacDonald, Edinburgh UK

25th April 2003
“We really enjoyed last nights exhib and look forward to seeing more of your work (both old and new).”
David & Kathleen Blenham, Edinburgh, UK

25th April 2003
“Congratulations on the website - you obviously picked a great designer for the job! Our thanks to you and Didi for another great night spent in your company. The show is fantastic [at the Roger Billcliffe Gallery] - well done.”
Irene & Ben Williams, Edinburgh, UK